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Assassins & Mob Wives 2-Chapter 6-Emoni part 1 (unedited)



Nadine hung IV bags in a steel case next to a portable monitor that sat on the dresser bedside.

Sierra stroked Kimmee’s hand. Tears gripping her long eyelashes. “You have to be all right,” she murmured. 

“Sierra, look at me,” Nadine said.

I blotted my best friend's eyes with tissue so she could see Nadine clearly.

“Kimmee’s dehydrated. She needs plenty of fluids in her body. Her vitals are getting stronger.” Nadine grinned.

I grabbed Sierra’s free hand. She released a breath. “That’s great news.”

“Your cousin’s a fighter. Kimmee should regain consciousness by the time we reach Chicago. Her body’s exhausted. She needs to sleep. We don’t know how many hours she had clung to life in her state. Luckily she was able to keep her toes on the chair. I’m not saying she didn’t struggle to breathe, but the chair saved her life.”

The biggest smile curled Sierra’s lips as she rose to her feet, darted around the bed, pulling her into a hug. “Thank you, Nadine.” 

“It’s no problem at all. Help me get her cleaned up and into fresh clothes.” Nadine stepped back.

Sierra exhaled again. 

“Nadine, tell us what you need,” I said.

Thirty minutes later, we stepped out of the room. 

Nadine pushed a portable alarm into her pocket as we walked toward the front of the bus.

Tori pulled the bus into the parking lot at Metro Airport.

“Jasper, bring him to me now,” Sierra snarled into the phone.

Sierra paused while she listened to Jasper.

Her eyes clenched shut momentarily. “Jasper, you bring him or I’ll come and get him.” She disconnected the call.

“Sounds like road torture is in order.” Samantha’s face lit up as she rubbed her hands together.

“This will be on the live feed right?” Ryah asked.

I burst into laughter. “Yes.”

As the girls exited the bus for their bus Jasper boarded. He tossed a huge black duffel bag onto the floor. It hit the floor with a loud thud.

“Here you are boss,” Jasper stated.

“Thank you,” Sierra said.

Jasper slammed his foot on the bag. “Wake the fuck up you slimy piece of shit.”

“Ah,” a groan sounded from inside the bag.

He exited the bus. 

“Girls, grab your weapons,” Sierra stated.

“I feel like swinging today.” She grinned.


Once we were back on the road, Sydney and I covered the ceiling chairs, tables, and kitchen area with an enormous sheet of plastic. You name it we covered it. 

Samantha placed the camera behind a glass so the girls on the other bus could watch the torture.

Just as I was about to slide my hands into my gloves my phone rang. My heart skipped a beat. I  knew who it was.

I pressed my ear piece.

“Emoni, what was on your mind when you and your best friend walked into that house?” Marco growled. 

“Marco, we had it under control.”

“Emoni, they thought they could fuck my wife,” he roared.

“I know, baby. Sierra, me, and the rest of the girls weren’t going to let it go that far.”

“The vile packages have been disposed of,” he bit out.

“I will see you, Chicago.”

“Ok, Marco. I love you.”

“I love you too, Emoni.”

A jolt of warmth swept through my body as I hit the earbud to end the call. I desperately wanted  to feel my husband's tongue all over my body. But now wasn’t the time to think about that.

Pulling my lower lip into my mouth, I glanced into the faces of my friends as they peeked up at me from their positions on the floor. They placed Rashawn in position for torture. 

“What did he say?” Lexis’s eyes held mischief.

“That he’d see me in Chicago.”

“Sounds like he’s going to spank that ass,” Lydia joked.

A chuckle released from my throat. “Girl, I hope so.”

Laughter filled the space. 

Sierra gripped the wooden handle, slapping the circular metal ball with spikes against her gloved hand.

“We have work to do my little horny wives.” Sierra shook her head.

Kennedy stood to her full height and threw her head back laughing. “That’s the right nick name for us. We’re horny for our husbands.” She slammed her boot into Rashawn’s stomach.

“Ouch,” he groaned around the gag in his mouth. 

Lexis tsked as she glared at the asshole. “You can grunt and groan all you want. We are here to fuck you up.”

Lexis’s gaze met Sierra’s. “Lead the way.”

“That’s right, Sierra. We’re here for moral support.”

Nadine stepped to my side. “By the end of the day all of our husbands will have contacted us and threatened to make us pay for the stunt we pulled in Detroit.” She shook her head before kneeling at his feet. “You see we love to torture. You’ll definitely pay for what you did to Kimmee.”

Curling my fist at my side, I tried to get a grip on the demons that crept up my spine. A boot to the back, smacking my body to the ground with a loud thud plagued my memories. 

“Emoni, you’re my woman. You will forever be my woman.” José muttered as he slammed my forehead against the hardwood floor of the home we shared.

Fuck, the memories were resurfacing. I’d worked so hard to bury them. I thought I was strong enough to accompany Sierra into her cousin’s house. But the flashbacks of her bloody body dangling from the ceiling hit too close to home. I dropped to my knees and picked up my sledge hammer.

“Men like you shouldn’t be allowed to walk this earth. Why do you think it’s ok to hurt women? Control them?” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“I hate men like you,” I shouted as I brought the sledge hammer down, crushing his kneecap. A crack and crunch sound filled the air.

“Ah,” he screamed bloody murder. 

Falling back on my ass, I squeezed my eyes shut. “José, you can’t hurt me anymore.”

“Emoni.” A soft hand braced my shoulder as my best friend in the whole wide world pulled me into her. “It’s ok, bestie. He’ll pay for all the men who’ve hurt women.” 

I released a breath as I relaxed in my best friends arms.

“Yup, you’ll pay fucker,” Samantha gritted out.

“The wonderful thing about this group of women is we’ve all fallen in love with men who would never harm a hair on our bodies,” Carmen said.

“Unless we want them to,” Kennedy muttered. 

We burst into laughter. 

These women knew just how to bring me back from my dark memories. I swiped away the tears and crossed my legs. “Sierra, make him pay.”

Cheering erupted around the bus. 

Sierra scurried toward Rashawn’s head. She leaned over and yanked the gag out of his mouth. 

A shrieking howl left his throat. Bet he wanted to place his hands over his busted knee cap but he couldn’t. His hands were spread out on either side of him. His wrists were tied to hooks that hung off metal stakes attached to the floor. Tony was nice enough to install them for us. Just in case we needed to tie someone down. 

A smirk hit my lips. 

“Emoni, tell Rashawn what happened to your ex-fiancé José.”

“I cut off his dick and stuffed it in his mouth.” I winked. 

The girls screamed with laughter.

“Nice touch,” Kennedy praised. 

Fat tears slid down Rashawn's tanned face. “I love Kimmee. I’d never hurt her. Sierra, I told you…we got in to it. He hit me first. Then I placed her in the basement under watchful eyes. We were leaving soon.”

Sierra’s eyes grew in size. “My cousin spent hours gasping for air while she stood on her tippy toes in an effort to stay alive.”

She swung the tiny spiky black ball, slamming it into his chest. The girls and I cheered as hunks of his flesh flew out of his chest as she retracted the ball.

I released a harsh breath I didn't know I was holding in. The control over my life I felt from this torture session felt invigorating. 

“Our husbands are obsessed with us, but they’d never physically harm us. They’d definitely kill for us.” Sierra widen her arm for emphasis.

“As a matter a fact my brother-in-law told me they were going to do just that. Kill your friends. Your friends were murdered because they thought they’d fuck us. You made them think that. For those words alone got them sleeping with the fucking fishes. Nessuna pietà. No mercy,” Sierra yelled.

No mercy in Italian fell from each off our mouths. We lived by those words. 

“Stand with me ladies,” Sierra urged. She tossed the miniature tool to the side and grabbed a Louisville slugger. 

We circled Rashawn’s body.

“You’ll die today because you harmed my cousin. Took away her home. A man can be a woman’s home if he loves her the right way. If he makes her feel safe. And you…” Sierra’s eyes slammed shut briefly. “…made my cousin feel helpless and scared. Not to worry.” She smirked. 

“I’ll take care of her now.” A tear slipped down her cheek. “She’s safe now.”

Sierra cocked her head to the side. “But you’re not.”

Her eyes roved our faces. “Slaughter him with me?”

She didn’t have to ask.

“With pleasure,” Carmen snarled.

“No!” Rashawn cried.

Our weapons came down with force tearing his flesh to shreds with our sledge hammers and bats. 

“This is for Kimmee,” we chanted. 

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