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Good afternoon. It’s Teaser Tuesday

Good afternoon. It’s Teaser Tuesday!

Yesterday I was cranking out the words for Ezra’s Vella story. I’m 3500 words in. I’m almost done writing his fourth episode. I broke down last night. I was exhausted and still under the weather.

I had a doctors appointment this morning. My doctor tested me for Covid slickly like. She didn’t tell me she was testing for Covid lol. And strep. I don’t have either one just a regular cold bug. She told me to get Mucinex. I didn’t tell her I took some of my homemade cough syrup. 🤣

It doesn’t taste bad. It only last for 3 days. I posted about it on my FB Reels.

I’ll get back to work on my other stories today.

Have an awesome day.

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