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Good afternoon, update.

Unfortunately I had to drop out of Sin City MC season 3 because my books are just not releasing fast enough. I’m behind in my schedule.

(I’ve been working fulltime hours since I returned from Michigan in January. I had no choice.)

-Assassins & Mob Wives 2 is up next.

-A Billionaire’s Clash with Love is coming.

-My Broken Bodyguard 2 (almost done.)

-Wanted Bride By The Cruel Mafia King 6/17

-Ruthless Mafia Boss 3: Vino & Claire. Many readers ask about this book because he’s mentioned in A Billionaire’s Holiday Love series.

I’m still tapping away at these keys to get AWMW2 complete. I have to send subscribers Dillon’s chapter hopefully today or tomorrow. We’ll see how long it gets. They are in New Orleans. It’s soooo good.

There are a few more cities for the girls to visit. They have to see Nicki then off to the couples retreat. Then I’m done. 😫

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