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It’s Teaser Tuesday

A Billionaire’s Clash with Love- Adam’s Story (Teaser Unedited)



The sun blazed through the large window, hitting my face.

Stretching my arms, I slowly rose as the phone rang.

I pressed the speaker button. “Hello.”

“Ms. Drummond, this is your wake up call.”

“Thank you.” I pressed the button and threw my legs over the edge of the bed.

A minute later, the piping hot water pounded my back. Felt fucking good.

Adam was the perfect gentlemen. He didn’t try to sleep with me last night. And he could have. Warmed my heart. I looked forward to scuba diving with him.

Two aspirins and a glass of water later, I walked into the hotel.

The gorgeous specimen of a man sat, arms stretched across the top of the sofa, and legs spread.

I’d love to sink into his lap.

He stood towering over me. “Good morning. How do you feel?”

“Good morning. Ask me in an hour.” I grinned.

“You don’t have to go,” he said.

“It’s fine. I look forward to the water drenching my skin.”

He nodded, swaying his hand across the small of my back. “Let’s go.”

My skin heated under his touch even though it was eighty degrees this morning. Thank goodness I wore mostly bikini’s every day. Most of my wardrobe was bikinis. Who needed clothes on the beach? Blue jean cut-offs hugged my ass perfectly. A peach colored T-shirt hung off the shoulder. Perfect outfit for today.

Hope he didn’t notice my eyes gravitating to his chest. The urge to squeeze Adam’s peek through his tropical shirt made my fingers twitch. Adam laid his lips upon my nude shoulder.

“You smell…”


The new body wash I tried today might not smell as good as I thought.

I halted in the sand. “Smell like what?” My body twisted as I met his gaze.

“…good enough to fucking eat.” His lower lip sunk into his mouth. Oh shit, I was definitely in trouble. My bikini bottoms were drenched. This man was so irresistible. I needed to will my feet to move in the direction of the boat. The scuba instructor greeted us as Adam helped me into the boat.

“Is this your first-time scuba diving?” Katy smiled between us, then turned her attention to the wide-open ocean.

Adam’s head was turned to the sky. He soaked in the sun behind his yellow aviators.

“Surprisingly, this is my first time. I enjoy sailing when I can. This is my first real vacation in a while.”

“I was curious. When Adam mentioned it, I figured why not. Hopefully, the technical aspects of scuba diving doesn’t put a damper on my view.”

She smiled over her shoulder. “I guarantee it won’t. Are you two on your honeymoon?”

Wide eyed, we stared at each other, tripping over our words.

“No-no,” I stuttered.

“We just met.” I gripped his thigh.

“We’re making the best of our solo trip, spending time together.” He squeezed my shoulder.

Katy chuckled.

“You both look very cozy.”

My eyes fell on my hand on his thigh. Abruptly I moved it.

Adam turned his attention from the sky and placed my hand back on his leg. “Katy, like I said, we’re enjoying each other’s company.”

His intent stare burned through my heart. If I could just see those beautiful blue eyes. Only if she wasn’t on the boat, I’d be in his lap in an instant.

“Wish my husband looked at me the way he looks at you.”

My smile rose and fell, and so did my chest.

“We’re here.” Katy killed the engine.

“Let’s climb into our gear.” Katy pointed at the dive suits next to Adam.

She broke down the scuba rules as we slipped into our gear. I couldn’t wait to sink into the ocean. Felt like the sun was heating my skin through the rubber suit.

The second the Adonis stood tall in all his glory. Goggles resting on his forehead. My knees almost gave way.

“I need a picture so I can remember this moment.”

He flashed a cocky panty dropping bad boy grin.

I stared at him as I clicked the button. Yeah, I’d definitely be saving this pic. You know, so I can do unspeakable things to him in my mind while I’m coming in the arms of another man. Whoever I was to wed would think they blew my mind. But it would be all Adam. Biting my lip, I tossed my cell in my tiny purse.

Adam grabbed my hand. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m great. Can’t wait to see the fish under water.”

His face lit up. It was almost kid like.

“Me too. Honestly, that was what sold me on scuba diving. Come on. Let’s get out there.”

I gripped his hand tighter and nodded.

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