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It’s Teaser Tuesday-Ruthless Mafia Boss- Free Ebook

Ruthless Mafia Boss series Teaser Tuesday!

Book 1 is free!




Sitting in the bustling restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee, staring at the head sous chef prepare dish after fabulous fucking dish was surreal. That moment made my black heart beat so fast it felt like it was on the verge of exploding all over the restaurant floor.

In that instant, I realized just how much I missed seeing her face. My love for her was strong. Yet, I hated her for leaving. The memory of the day I told her I loved her hit me like a ton of bricks.

Despite my love for her, my heart was plagued with anger and bitterness. Even though I resented her right now, Alexis Shepard was still mine.

The dark locks I missed wrapping around my fist were hidden under a black chef's hat. The cook to her right said something. Lexis burst into laughter. My jaw ticked at the sight.

Her fucking laughs belonged to me. Her long black eyelashes slapped her chocolate face. Lexis was a goddess. She turned and peeked out into the dining room. I tugged my cap lower, hiding my eyes, bringing the spoon to my lips. The tantalizing spicy soup danced on my tongue. Shit. Her food was five-star quality.

I’d only been in Chicago for a few days watching her. She didn’t travel that far to get away from me. It didn’t matter if she moved to Dubai. I would’ve found her.

Her laughter filled the air again and rocked my heart at the same time. Her smile was still bright as the sun.

I think she lived with her boyfriend. If she did, he was a dead man. Lexis was never supposed to be with another man. She told me her heart belonged to me. So technically, I had grounds to kill him. Well, in my mind, anyway. Ritchie claimed the guy was her friend, not her boyfriend. I hoped for his sake he was right.

After seeing her, I knew I couldn’t leave. Maybe it was time to step out of the shadows and remind her how good we were together. Or I could drag her back to New Jersey kicking and screaming. Either way, I wasn’t leaving without my woman.

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