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Samantha’s excerpt

I vacated Nicki’s room and walked down the hall. A group of men appeared. My eyes widened fuck it was Robert and his guards. I hopped onto the elevator. The second the doors opened to the lobby, I scurried out of the door. Valet attendants serviced the guests.

Robert smiled and greeted people as he strolled through the hotel lobby toward the exit. His security detail followed closely.

He walked out of the hotel. I stood off to the side. I pretended to stumble upon him.

“Good morning, Robert.” The dry Las Vegas heat encased my lungs quick. The large brick overhead luckily shielded us from the sun.

“Good morning, Samantha.” He cracked his perfect pretty boy smile. His blue eyes sparkled.

“What a surprise. My least favorite person is in town at the same time I am.”

“I hate you more, Robert.”

He cupped his hands in front of him. “What do you want? I have a very important meeting in thirty minutes,” Robert huffed.

I grabbed his arm.

One of his bodyguards approached. “You cannot touch the Senator Miss.”

“It’s ok Vasser. Give me a moment.”

We stepped aside. “I’m warning you don’t fuck her head up this time. She’s smiling again.”

“Oh, so she told you we were together.”

My eyebrows wrinkled. “No. She doesn’t know I know you two have been together for years. I remember my friend received a call, then left the staff meeting. I followed her and eavesdropped on her conversation. She mentioned your poll numbers slipped. And to get females into your hotel room.

He placed his hands up between us. “Whoa wait, who was she talking to?”

I couldn’t tell him it was his father.

“I don’t know. The point is my best friend disappeared and you became a Senator. She focused her thoughts on planning instead of you.”

“How happy do you think she is working for her best friend? I wanted more for her. She needs her own business.”

I placed my hands on my hips. “Well maybe one day we will go into business together. Robert, I know you love her, but you have to let her go.”

He snickered. “She came to me.”

“Oh, like you didn’t orchestrate staying at the same hotel we are in. You dangled your dick like a carrot in front of her. You knew she’d be back.”

He smiled at a person who walked by, then glowered at me. “You don’t know the loss we’ve endured, you don’t know I tried to give this up for her, you have no idea…” He paused. “What lengths I’d go through to have her back in my life,” he stated through gritted teeth.

“She said she doesn’t want us anymore.” He leaned into my ear.

“That’s fine for now. But before I run for President of the United States of America so help me! She will be by my side where she belongs.”

My mouth dropped open. For the first time I had nothing to say.

“I won’t apologize for loving her unconditionally. I kept her a secret because she asked me too until the end of my Senate race. I exposed our relationship, then she covered it up again and ended us. My heart is a weak muscle without her. When she and I are together I come alive and I become the king of the jungle.” He stepped back and inhaled the fresh air.

His eyes darkened as he peered at me. “One day you’ll find love. And the man who truly loves you will do anything for you, even kill for you,” he stated through barred teeth.

I tried to lift my jaw off the ground.

“It was good to see you Samantha.” He smiled wide. “I hope I don’t have to see you again anytime soon.”

He strutted toward his body guards and climbed into the Suburban.

My feet were planted to the ground like I was stuck in cement.

Could he have killed for her? No! What were they hiding and how could I find out?

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