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Posey Updates

Good morning, happy Saturday!

I posted this post in my group yesterday. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

So I’m super behind having my cover designer create ebooks and paperbacks for me. I’ve procrastinated so badly. It’s not funny anymore. 😒

This is what happens when you’re writing a ton of stories.

For those who ordered Assassin & Mob Wives boxes know that I’m doing all I can to complete the book.

I have to make it amazing. Luckily #Patreonmembers are loving it. You don’t know what kind of stress I’m under to make this book great. 😥

I shated Aria’s chapter, with subscribers today. Wonder when Tomasso will pop up.🤔

I’ve finished Ritchie’s episode. I'm almost done editing it. It’s action packed. ☺️

Still working on Simone’s episode. It’s coming along.

I look forward to having Thanksgiving off.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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