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His family never approved of our love. A Second Chance at love could be dangerous.


Imagine my surprise when I arrive in Culver Blue, Maine and the man I promised to love forever stood before me.
Someone destroyed our love twelve years ago.
A second chance at love is off the table.
Taking on a nursing position in the bustling small town keeps me busy.
Nothing but secrets lie between us now.
Rekindling what I had with Dr. Sexy could be dangerous.


The woman who walked out of my life twelve years ago came to Culver Blue for a fresh start.
She haunted my dreams for years.
She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever met.
Someone derailed our plans.
It’s time to take back what belongs to me.
I will find out who destroyed us.
And they will pay.

A Billionaire's Complicated Love

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Childhood sweethearts. Second Chance romance, Forbidden Love.

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