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Hot Mr. Scrooge is my neighbor.


The man loathes Christmas.

What person doesn’t warm up to the best holiday of the year?

The cabin I purchased mentioned it needed light work, not a gut renovation. Looks nothing like the picture.

The brooding beast next door said he’d help spruce up the place if it will get me to leave him alone. 

Deal. Because who wants to be around the Grinch longer than they have to? 

Even if he’s tall. 

Has a gorgeous face you can stare at all day. 

And a body you’d love to mount on your sleigh repeatedly.

Then I wondered could I help Mr. Non-Christmas fall in love with my favorite holiday.



Didn’t bargain for a neighbor this holiday. 

Especially one who looks as beautiful as her. 

She’s all kinds of distracting. 

She doesn’t even notice her effect on me. 

But my other head does.

I’ll help her fix up her cabin while giving her attitude an adjustment with my thick peppermint stick.

On a serious note. The Grinch plans to keep Ms. Christmas all to himself.

A Billionaire's Holiday Love

  • Grumpy/sunshine trope. 

    Noah hates Christmas. Hope's nick named Ms. Christmas. They end up being neighbors. It's a cute romantic Christmas story with a suspenseful twist.

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