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The Occasional Hook-up (OH) is a temporary arrangement I have no intention of ending.

I plan to learn what makes her body tick.
The more my fingers stroll along her curves causing sparks to fly, I realize the occasional hook-ups aren't enough.
The physical chemistry is a bonus but just the tip of the iceberg.
I want it all with Malaysia.
I may work sixty-plus hours a week, but I'm never too tired to spend time with Malaysia.
During the day I'm a brain surgeon.
At night, I protect the streets of Boston from the scum of the earth who prey on the less fortunate.
Can Malaysia handle my after-hours duties? Or will the weight of the danger prove to be too heavy?

A Hero's Love

  • Ethan agrees to keep their relationship casual even though he wants more. He's doctor by day. Vigilante by night.

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