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One birthday dance from the virgin stripper now Lydia is my temptation.

The smoking hot virgin stripper is on my radar.
Every night I’ll frequent the popular strip club until she’s mine.
She works full time not to pay for her college classes but to pay her father’s medical bills.
I offered to assist financially and she shot me down.
Not only is she beautiful but stubborn as all hell.
Lydia has a few dangerous stalkers she’s not aware exist. I’m happy to end their existence.
No one messes with what’s mine.
Lydia is holding true to remaining a virgin until she's married.
I have no problem waiting until she is my wife.
Then I’ll tame those scrumptious curves bringing the beautiful Lydia to her knees.

Billionaire’s Stripper

SKU: 671253175371
  • If you liked Pretty Woman you'll love Billionaire's Stripper. Steam level 5.

    Struggling college student strips to pay her father's medical bills. She performs for the billonaire on his birthday. He's drawn to her.

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