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We’re at war.

It feels like there’s no end in sight. 

The war threatens the future of the next line of mafia bosses. 

The streets of Philly will bleed until we end our enemy.

Ruling this city with Ryah by my side is still the plan.

Luciano will do anything to keep his daughter safe. Even kill me in the process.

Trying to keep us apart won’t work in his favor. His actions will only push Ryah deeper into my arms.

 After the chaos subsided, my woman picked up a pet project and brought it into our circle. 

I don’t play well with others when it comes to Ryah. 

Just ask my friend Bosco. 

Ryah’s mine. 

End of f*cking discussion.

Heartless Mafia Prince Book 2

  • This book is apart of a three book series.

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