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Our enemy or enemies are trying to destroy the four families. Their goal is to run New Jersey. Which means they'd have to take the Magarellis' out of the picture. Dismantle what my father built. Whoever this enemy is made it clear I am number one on their list to remove from the Magarelli throne. 


My wife's business partner, Ambrose, wants to steal my wife from my grip. He underestimates our love. We will get through whatever they throw at us.


Jeremy, Sierra's ex-husband has a special place on my sh*t list.

Oh, the things I have planned for him. 

You don't cross the Magarellis' and walk away clean. You will pay. 

The Magarellis' and the Espositos' will get through this war together.

Hidden Witness 8

  •  This book is apart of a eight book mafia series.

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