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Making problems disappear was my #1 goal, until I met her.

Nadine was everything I didn’t deserve.
A smart, beautiful woman studying to become a doctor.
Nadine didn’t care about my dangerous profession. She loved the gentle beast within.
I asked Nadine, the only woman I ever loved, for a life altering favor. What I asked of her tore us apart.

14 years later, she’s in L.A. for a medical conference. I need to see her face, even if it’s from across a crowded room. I came to my senses.
But then there she was standing before me. She was even sexier than she was years ago.
I need to find a way for us to be together.

Dillon and I faked our deaths. The man who tried to kill my cousin 14 years ago, discovered he’s alive. Now he seeks revenge.

It’s time to go to war now that I’m back from the dead. I get my old life back. Nadine was part of that life. Will she let me back into her heart?
My love for Nadine never wavered.
One night of claiming those sweet curves and she’ll be mine again.


Hidden Witness 3

  •  This book is apart of a eight book mafia series.

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