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He’s a walking scandal. 



The NFL superstar Wyatt Oakley is injured. 

Sports medicine is my specialty. 

I can’t assist. I’ve only crushed on the man forever. 

He’s eyed me, and I’ve done the same over the years. 

He’s off limits and so am I. 

I’m his best friend’s sister. He’d never cross that line. 


I’ve known Lakelyn, my best friend’s kid sister, all my life. 

There isn’t another woman who can crawl under my skin like her. 

I want to rule that sassy mouth with my tongue. 

There was a time I could’ve made her mine. 

Then I went pro. 

My best friend Deacon made me promise to never make a move on his sister. 

I swore I’d respect his wishes. 

All the women begging to grace my bed were nothing more than smoke and mirrors. 

The real itch I couldn’t scratch was untouchable.

Now I need her help. 

How will I keep my hands and other things away from the sweet Georgia peach?

Lunchtime Chronicles: Sweet Georgia Peach

  • Wyatt falls for his best friend's sister. His best friend doesn't want him to date his sister.

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