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We have a deep dark bond no one can break.

Robert Chandler
The spunky girl I met in high school stole my heart. She is the love of my life. After college our relationship ended because I was running for the Georgia Senator seat. Nicki was the one to walk away. She said she couldn’t come between me and my destiny.
Years later, I am preparing to run for President of the United States. My life is empty without Nicki. I need her back in my life. We have a deep dark bond no one can break, not even the new guy Adam. I’m taking my woman back.
Adam Johnston
I was paralyzed by the beautiful mocha woman who sashayed through the party at Jacob Latters Miami Condo. After that night I wanted to know everything about her.
Nicki and I dated a couple of times then one thing led to another. My urge to claim her and make her mine was all that plagued me. I moved heaven and earth to be with her. Her ex resurfaced. I never knew he existed.
Now he's threatened what Nicki and I have. Nicki wouldn’t be honest with me about Robert, so I walked away. Will she ever be honest about her dark past with Robert? Do I walk away from what we built forever?
Nicki Collins
Love has betrayed me. How can I trust love again? Robert was my first love. I ended our secret relationship because of his deep political ties that would not ever allow us to marry. He’s resurfaced. He wants me back. Robert Chandler is ready to risk his Presidential candidacy for us.
I fell in love with Billionaire Adam Johnston a man who wants the world to know, I belong to him.
Now, Adam has walked away because I wouldn’t tell him about Robert and me.
Robert found me at my lowest point at her head stone in the cemetery. He whisked me away. How do I end things once and for all with the first man I ever loved for a new love? I don’t know what to do my love is torn.

Nicki’s Love Torn

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  • If you loved the TV show Scandal you'll love Nicki's Love Torn

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