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I ran. Will the sexy, green eyed billionaire, computer hacker find me?

I’m lost without Sebastian.
I miss his tattooed kisses all over my needy body.
His delicious touch calms me.
Embarking on our love in secret was the plan, but multiple secrets rocked our new relationship.
Learning Sebastian used me as a pawn to lure a terrorist, sent me running away.
Will Sebastian use his hacking abilities to find me?
After being out of Sebastian’s presence for some time, my broken heart affirmed how deeply in love I was with Sebastian.
I'm faced with tough questions from Sebastian's family about my love for him.
Will our relationship survive our differences or will our differences tear us apart forever?
Can we overcome the lies and betrayal?
My ex-boyfriend had a change of heart.
He wants me back.
Who do I choose?

Sydney thinks she can run from me.
There is no where she can hide.
I will find her and claim her sexy curves. I’ll make her remember why we can’t be apart.
Her ex thinks he's going to walk in and take what's mine, he's in for a rude awakening.

Relentless Chase Book 2

  • This book is apart of a four book series.

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