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My main priority as the mafia boss is protecting my queen.


When I first laid eyes on Lexis as a boy those dark brown eyes and her pretty brown skin drew me in.

I had to meet her.

Get close to her.

Remain close to her.

We became best friends.

I consoled her when she felt abandoned by her mother.

My father dropped a bomb in my lap when I was sixteen.

I learned I’d become the next mafia boss of the Esposito’s.

Dad said I needed to let her go.

Her grandmother told her to run away from me and don’t look back.

She had no idea I sank my teeth into the mahogany beauty a long time ago.

She’s mine.

There wasn’t a chance I’d ever give her up.

Then the unexpected happened.

Lexis ran.

Why would she run away from our life?

If any of my enemies were behind her leaving they will pay.

This is an on going interconnected series. It's a spin off series that's apart of the Hidden Witness World. Some of the mafia bosses in this series may have 2 books each.


Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse/assault
that some readers may find triggering.

Ruthless Mafia Boss Book 1

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  • This book is apart of a two book series.

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