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The woman who was my childhood best friend and is now mine would never walk away.


So, I thought.

Why did she leave?

Lexis and I had a wonderful life together.

We were best friends growing up and later lovers.

My brother Marco and I are the bosses of the Esposito crime family.

Lexis ran one of many Espositos’ gambling houses.

She didn’t take anyone’s mess.

I loved how tough she was.

And that she was mine.

Five years later, after Mom mentioned her name at a holiday dinner, I thought about Lexis long and hard.

It was time to find the woman I loved and bring her home.

Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse/assault/gore that some readers may find triggering.

Ruthless Mafia Boss Book 2

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  • This book is apart of a two book series.

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