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Good morning, happy Thursday!

This month is really busy for Posey Parks lol.

I have several Kindle Vella episodes to release. Trying to test a theory. 🤔

I need to finish plotting Wanted Bride for the Cruel Mafia King asap. I can write a 30k book quickly when plotted. (Remember I rarely plot.) We’ll see how this works. Probably a game changer.

My Broken Bodyguard 2 Ritchie & Tori season 2 is coming to a close. Ebook coming.

I plan to write the last 20k for Assassins & Mob Wives 2 then I can write the end. That book should be around 70k.

I’ve got to jump back into Adam’s story. Subscribers go back and read the last post for A Billionaire’s Clash With Love so you’re ready.

Also burn out is real. Just because the stories sat in my head didn’t mean I wanted to sit in front of my computer all day typing. Just being honest. Not to mention my wrists were hurting.

Now you’re update. 😍

Have a great day!

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