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Assassins & Mob Wives 2 Cover Reveal

Good morning, it's newsletter Wednesday!

I know you want to know when the book will release. As of right now I don't have a release date. I'm working as fast as I can. I had to pick up a part time job this month so I am moving a little slower, but I'm doing all I can to get the book released. Remember, I am writing about 28 characters. That isn't easy.

This story will be action packed.

Make sure you read Hidden Witness 7&8 and Assassins & Mob Wives 1.

Here is Nadine's full chapter. (Unedited) Enjoy.



The girls filed out of the buses once we reached a large gas station. Placing a hand over my eyes I scanned the outside of the huge tan colored store. I bet they had every kind of snack imaginable.

Asia and Simone pumped the gas. Our bodyguards sat at the back of the parking lot giving us some space.

The sun beamed down on my mahogany skin. It felt good. I longed for our time in Vegas when we’d sunbathe around the pool.

My shoulders relaxed as I walked toward the store. The girls and I needed to just enjoy life. Not have to worry about danger every two seconds.

Besides the conversation Aria had with the guy at the club things were fine. No other outside threats from Tomosso’s people.

I noticed two older women with long gray hair gawking in our direction. Their pale skin looked like a day in the sun would do them some good. The taller lady whispered to the other. The short one snickered. 

My eyes darkened as I approached.

“Are y’all video vixens,” the tall one asked, dressed in worn light blue jean shorts, brown sandals with velcro straps across the front, and a navy t-shirt that read Kentucky born and bread.

The racial undertone of the question crawled under my skin. As black women we were often degraded. It just got tiring.

Ryah looked up from her phone, halting beside me.

My head tilted to the side. “What gives you that impression?”

Their eyes roamed our bodies. 

The tall woman’s gray eyes light up. “Y’all are in really good shape.”

The short woman’s blue eyes raked over our bodies again. “And many of you girls are wearing tiny shorts and tank tops,” she said with a thick southern twang.

What the fuck?

“So that makes us video vixens?” Ryah gritted out.

“Also you’re riding on those celebrity coach buses.” Her blue eyes brightened. “Who’s the rapper?”

She snapped her fingers. “Is it that twenty-one person?”

Ryah gasped. “Do you mean Twenty-one Savage?” She asked in a mocking tone.

The tall woman waved her hands enthusiastically. “Yes, that’s him.”

“First of all, you shouldn’t assume we’re video models or that a celebrity is on the buses,” I growled.

“Those are our buses,” Ryah replied.

The short woman waved her hand. “I understand. Y’all put all your money together and rented the buses. That must’ve taken years.” She shook her head.

My mouth dropped open and I stretched my hand across my chest, flashing my diamond wedding. “Oh, you think we're poor. If we were and we saved up our money, nothing’s wrong with that. However we’re rich.”

Their eyes widened as they marveled my ring.

“Toodles, old bitches,” Ryah waved. Her huge diamond wedding ring sparkled in the sunlight.

They stood frozen on the sidewalk as Ryah and I walked into the station.

The girls and I were dressed in skimpy clothing. That was our right. 

The tight blue jean shorts hugged my ass. I ran a hand over my tight red t-shirt. The word rebel was sprawled across the front. I was a rebel. A smirk hit my lips. I mentally shook off the previous conversation.

“It’s too hot in Kentucky, damn,” Ryah growled. Clearly she wasn’t going to let the women destroy our good moods.

“Just think once we arrive in South Carolina it will be hotter.” I laughed.

She shook her head. “Thanks for the reminder. I’ll meet you at the counter. I need more water for my water jug.”

I grabbed her arm. “Why so much water anyway?” I asked.

“Girl, I have to lose this baby weight.” She sighed. “Even though my husband is trying to get me pregnant again. Rocco’s relentless.”

“He’s crazy about his wife. Baby weight and all.” I smiled.

Ryah grinned from ear to ear. “He is. I just wished women would leave my husband alone.”

I gingerly gripped her arm again. “That’s not likely when you’re married to our kind of men. They’re like pussy magnets.” 

Bating my long lashes, a sinful smile covered my lips. “We just have to let them know we don’t play about our husbands.”

Ryah’s pretty green eyes darkened. “Yes, I’ll continue to drive the message home.”

“If you ever want another Philly girl’s help let me know.”

Ryah threw her arms around my neck. “Thank you, Nadine.”

I squeezed her back. “You’re more than welcome.”

Her phone buzzed in her hand. “It’s my husband. I know this man is in the parking lot somewhere.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’ll meet you at the counter,” I said.

Moseying to the candy aisle my eyes widened at the vast selections of twizzlers and starbursts. My tongue slicked over my lips as I tried to narrow down my candy selection. I peeked up at the mirror to see if maybe the sales clerk was watching me. When shopping, black businesses often racially profiled us. It didn’t matter if the rock on my finger was worth a fortune. I was still viewed as a black woman who couldn’t have anything of value. 

A woman standing at the other end of the aisle held a bag of chips in her hand. She studied the nutrition information on the back of the bag, then her eyes darted to me, then back to the chips. 

I noticed in the mirror a couple of the girls were in the aisle behind me. The rest of them were probably scattered throughout the store.

Scooping up a bag of twirlers, I held it in the crook of my arm. With a smile on my face, I whipped out a switchblade and pushed the tip into the brown haired woman’s back. “If you’re looking for healthy snacks this probably isn’t the aisle.”

“What the hell?” She rushed out.

“I’d also advise you not to scream. I’ll snip your spinal cord in under a second because I can since I am a doctor.”

“Why are you doing this?” The woman asked in a hushed whisper.

“It’s my job to know who’s following me?” I bit out.

“I don’t know you?” She muttered.

“You’re lying. Tell them I’m ready for whatever heat they want to bring my way.”

“Please let me go?” She begged.

My eyes fell on Samantha who sauntered by the aisle, offering a head nod. 

Great, I had backup.

“We’re going to take a little walk. If you move wrong I’ll forgo ending your ability to walk and slit your carotid artery. You can bleed out on the floor. You won’t even be able to let anyone know you’ve been hurt. You’ll bleed out in less than a minute. Now move it.”

Samantha turned the corner up ahead. 

Hopefully, none of the girls witnessed me walking behind the white lady. My close proximity  probably looked suspicious. Also I didn’t need to explain myself to the girls this early on.

The second we turned the corner two older white women glanced at the woman I slyly held hostage. Was the convenience store older ladies retirement hangout?

My hostage darted forward. I stashed the switchblade at my side. The ladies gasped. 

The brown haired woman turned quickly waving me toward her. Oh, she wanted to fight.

The ladies kept walking.I inched forward, slamming my foot into her stomach. 

Samantha strutted out of the bathroom and halted. 

A hand latched onto my t-shirt, yanking me back.

“What the fuck?” I whispered. It was crazy trying to keep my voice down during the silent fight.

Samantha jumped into action. “Oh, we don’t believe in playing dirty,” she snickered as she disappeared behind me.

“We’re taking this into the bathroom,” I growled.

The woman swung her arm aiming for my face. I whipped to the right. Not fast enough because her fist rammed into my neck. 

The pain throbbed. Felt like I’d been hit with a brick. 

There was no time to caress my neck. I ran toward her, grabbed her shirt, and yanked her toward the bathroom. “We need to talk, bitch.”

Once through the doors, the woman stood seething a few feet away. The restroom appeared empty. Maybe Samantha had cleared it out or maybe we were just lucky. I heard commotion behind me.

“Get the fuck in there,” Samantha spat. 

I heard the click of the door, then the turn of the lock.

I took in the room. “What do we have here?” Venom laced my words.

Two seething women with olive skin tones stared between Samantha and I with daggers in their eyes. If looks could kill. We’d definitely be dead. 

“You can’t stop them from coming. They will kill you all,” the woman I apprehended bit out. Her hysterical laughter filled the room.

The other woman who Samantha had pinned against the wall in the corner burst into laughter.  Her brown hair was tucked into a baseball cap. 

What were with the people who worked for Tomosso? It was like they had a death wish. It reminded me of what we went through when we dealt with Mario’s men.

I tilted my head to the side. “You’re willing to die for the cause, huh?”

Her ruby red lip tipped up at one end with a snarl. “If it get’s rid of the four families. Then there will only be room for one. Once and for all.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Mario and Amergio tried to get rid of us. It didn’t work. We’re still here. We aren’t going anywhere.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. None of you will survive this trip. The precious wives of the New Jersey mafia bosses will die. This massacre is long overdue. I should’ve snapped your neck in the aisle while I had the chance,” she stated through bared teeth.

“I love how you show your true colors behind closed doors. You played the victim out there. But in here you’re big and bad.” I shook my head.

Samantha chuckled. “The war continues, huh?”

“We’re going to end it once and for all this time,” I promised.

Someone tried turning the knob. Three quick knocks rattled on the door. 

“Nadine?” Ryah whispered.

“Shit,” I muttered under my breath. 

“Is something wrong, Nadine?” Sam asked, pointing her Glock at her hostage.

“The wives weren’t supposed to find out yet?” I whispered.

“If I could’ve got rid of this bitch quickly I would’ve met Ryah at the register in a timely manner.”

“Nadine, how do you want to play this?” Samantha asked. 

“Let her in.”

I held out two switchblades. One pointed at Samantha’s hostage and the other pointed at mine.

Samantha peeked out the door. “Ryah and Lexis,” Sam forced a laugh.

“Fuck,” I mumbled.

My hostage snickered.

Samantha grabbed the out of service sign that was propped against the wall, then placed it in front of the door. 

“Having fun without us?” Lexis gritted out at my side.

I placed my switchblades in my knife holders, then retrieved my Glock.

“I knew something was wrong. You didn’t show up at the register,” Ryah sighed, holding a white plastic bag on two fingers, at Lexis’s side.

“Lexis, I take it you were looking for Sam?” I asked.

“Yup, she’s my store buddy.”

“What’s with the hostages?” Ryah asked.

My shoulders slumped. “No one was supposed to know yet.”

“That your all going to die.” My hostage laughed. Guess she wanted all the girls to know we were going to die.

“Bitch, please. We face death often. Someone’s always after the mafia families,” Ryah snorted.

My gaze moved between Lexis and Ryah. “If you can’t keep this from your husbands’ leave now,” I bit out.

“Do you really think our husbands won’t find out?” Ryah bit out.

“I know mine won’t,” Samantha stated.

Ryah’s eyes landed on Samantha. “Have you met my husband?”

We burst into laughter. “Rocco, is just as bad as Dominic,” I groaned.

“I know. You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t tell him.”

“Good.” I smirked.

“The way my husband keeps me under lock and key. I won’t say shit. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.” A tight smile lifted Lexis’s lips.

My heart went out to her. Luca would do anything to protect Lexis. He lost her once. He wouldn’t lose her again. 

“Dillon is a shitty mafia boss. He’s at fault for this war. Following that stupid mafia model, don’t kill women and children,” my hostage mocked.

“He let the Bertozzi women and children live. Our family is huge,” she stated with a smile.

“First mafia family in a long time to be removed from the mafia.” My eyes narrowed. “How does it feel?”

She lunged at me. I plunged the knife into her gut. “We respect the lives of women and children because children need their mothers,” I shouted in a whisper.

“Ange,” the other woman gasped. 

“Shut the fuck up

“That’s just human decency to make sure the child has a mother,” Ryah stated.

“But not a father?” Ange grunted in pain.

“No, not a father in the mafia who often disobeyed mafia orders,” I gritted out.

“We were one of the five families. Dillion didn’t get to make the decision to dismantle and entire family.” She sank onto the floor.

“Filippo was out of hand. He brought your family down,” I sneered. “We want answers and we want them now.”

Lexis and Ryah grabbed Angie by her arms and hoisted her to her feet.

I tapped my earbud, turning it on. “We need the video wiped.

“No problem. What happened?” Tony asked.

“I ran into an issue. I’m sorting it out now.”

“The girls are standing near the buses in the parking lot,” he stated.

“They need to get on the buses,” I urged.

“I’m good on my own,” I said.

Tony sighed. “Ok. Ritchie and Jasper will send them on their way.”

I heard a helicopter in the distance.

“That’s our ride,” the other woman said.

“If they come in they’ll only collect your dead bodies,” I warned.

“Nadine, get out of there now,” Tony ordered.

“Ok, we’re leaving.”

Samantha pressed her Glock against her hostage’s temple. “Guess you’re coming with us.”

My eyes moved over the wounded bitch before me. “Sure are. We want answers,” I growled.

Lexis slammed her fist into Angie’s chest. 

“That’s for being ok with killing women and children,” Lexis sneered.

“Sick bitches,” Ryah stated like she planned to get her pound of flesh.

“Let’s move,” I nodded toward the door.

Samantha held her prisoner close as we exited the bathroom. She peeked down the hall. Heavy chatter filled the station. Keeping her head low, she darted to the right. 

Lexis and Ryah dragged Ange down the hall. I kept up the rear. The tiny hairs on my neck stood as I peeked over my shoulder trying to see if I noticed anything odd.

A man built like a wrestler stepped into my line of sight. He reached behind his back. 

“Shit. Gun,” I yelled. We barreled through the employee exit. Bullets rang out behind us. The hum of the helicopter over head caught my attention.

My heart was in my throat as we ran around the corner at the back of the building. “Samantha, we need to find a car or truck.” 

I scanned the lot noticing a man vacuuming out his pick up truck.

The man from inside the service station was on our heels. 

“Ladies, gold truck twelve o clock,” I said.

I fired several rounds at the man chasing us. A bullet struck his leg. 

We made our way to the vehicle. More gun fire followed. This time it sounded like canons were dropping from the sky. 

“Oh, fuck,” I shouted.

Those in the helicopter meant business. 

The girls and I piled into the truck.

The owner huddled on the side of the vacuum machine, shaken by the loud gun fire. Slipping behind the steering wheel, I slammed the door, and threw the truck in drive. Glancing back at the helicopter that was now in pursuit, I pointed my gun out the window, shouting at the helicopter. 

“Drive, Nadine,” Ryah yelled. “We’ll take care of the helicopter.”

Another loud canon sound shook the ground under us as I peeled out of the parking lot. 

“Nothing like a helicopter chase at ten o clock in the morning.” I shook my head.

“Samantha, how likely can we keep the police off our trail while we try and lose the assholes?” I asked.

“Slim,” she yelled, hanging out the window. Samantha fired round after round at the helicopter. 

“My sniper rifle sure would come in handy right now,” Sam shouted.

“Hold on,” I yelled as I weaved the pick up truck in and out of morning city traffic.

“Nadine, we’re running out of ammo,” Lexis stated.

“Understood,” I responded.

The back of a familiar vehicle came into view up ahead.

“It couldn’t be them,” I muttered under my breath as I approached. 

A woman stepped out into oncoming traffic gripping an automatic rifle. Feet spread apart, she  peered through the scope, aiming at the sky. 

Peeking out the rearview mirror, I noticed the helicopter still firing bullets at the pick up truck. The sound of bullets smacking the bed of the truck sent waves of panic through my body.

Fingers curled around the steering wheel, I guided the truck to the left as I approached Sydney. She fired two shots. My foot slammed on the brake. The traffic came to a screeching halt behind me. I peered over my shoulder. The helicopter spun around in the air. It was clear the pilot was desperately trying to regain control.

Drivers fled their cars. Screams tore the streets. I felt their terror in my bones. 

“Let’s move, girls,” I roared.

Lexis and Ryah dragged our unconscious hostages out of the truck. We didn’t have restraints so the girls must’ve knocked them unconscious. Samantha and I grabbed the hostages legs. We scurried toward the first bus.

Sydney ran backward. A loud boom rang out and the ground shook.

Carmen and Aria hurried toward us pointing their weapons in the distance. It felt good knowing they had our backs.

My husband probably had to stay behind and clean up our mess. 

I tapped my earbud after we restrained our hostages and propped their bodies outside the bathroom.

“Tony, come in,” I said.

“Baby, are you all right?” He asked. I heard the worry in his voice.

“Yes. We survived a helicopter crash. Sydney, brought that bitch to the ground.”

The girls cheered in the background.

“Rémy, Romeo, and Kagan are your bodyguards for Charleston,” he said.

“Ok,” I replied.

There was a knock at the door. “It’s Franco, open up.”

“Shit,” Tony grunted.

“Baby, I’ll talk to you soon,” he stated.

“Ok, bye, Tony.” I pressed my earbud ending the call.

“What the hell happened?” Franco asked as he palmed Kennedy’s face. “Are you ok?”

Dominic, Rocco, and Catch entered the bus behind him. 

This won’t end well.

Dominic shook his head. “Girls, what a mess you’ve made.”




My thumbs caressed her cheeks as I stared into my wife’s eyes. Was I being a little over bearing? Yes. Do I give a fuck? No. My wife is the most important person in my life next to our child.

“Franco, I’m fine.” She pressed her lips to mine.

Traveling with Dominic, Catch, and Rocco was like traveling with guys who were so like minded it scared me a little. I knew the other husbands would also do anything to keep their wives safe. Especially Dillon and Luca. Dillon’s wife had been kidnapped. He was apprehensive about the girls trip. It took a few years. Maybe he thought lying low would deter his enemy. Doubt it. He wanted more time to get ready for the next war. His family deserved to have some sort of peace. Luca locked his wife in a castle to keep her safe. Because the woman who basically stole her face had been off the grid and could strike at any time. 

Trapping Kennedy in any kind of tower underground safe room wouldn’t go over well. I held her captive. After learning how bad ass she was, I knew if she wanted to get out of my house she could’ve found away. 

“Franco, this trip is really kick ass,” she breathed against my neck.

The bus started rolling. I glanced at Tori who pulled away from the curb.

“Don’t be alarmed guys. My husband told me to drive. He’ll talk to the police. Once we get further away I’ll let you guys off the bus.”

“No problem, my bodyguard Brian is driving our van.” Dominic smiled.

He crouched down peering at the two ladies the girls took hostage. “Ange is all grown up,” he muttered.

“Baby, wake them for me,” he said to Carmen.

She disappeared down the hall. When she returned she held a small vile in her hand. She bent over and dangled it under their noses.

“Smelling salt always comes in handy,” Carmen chuckled. 

Their eyes fluttered open. Ange’s eyes went wide as she stared at Dominic.

A wicked smile curled his lips. “Ange Bertozzi, long time no see.” He stood tall.

“Causing trouble like your brother Tommy I see,” Dominic stated.

“You see where that got him.” A sinister laugh rumbled in his chest.

She lunged forward from her position on the floor. “Burn in hell, Dominic. I can’t wait until my family gets rid of yours once and for all,” she gritted out.

Assassins & Mob Wives 2 Cover

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