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Good morning, happy Monday!

I'm going to try and remember to post on my blog more.

If you didn't know I'm working on Assassins & Mob Wives 2. Check out book 1.

Once the book is complete I'll mail out the boxes to those who purchased them.

If you'd like to purchase an Assassins & Mob Wives box email me at We can create a few more.

Also make sure you check out my new releases: Damaged Love and My Broken Bodyguard book 1

Kindle Vella Stories

My Broken Bodyguard episode 40 is live!

Catch: My Broken Bodyguard 2 episode 18 is also live!

For sneak peeks join my Posey group on my website.

For teasers and more join me on the subscription platforms:

Have a wonderful day!

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